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Explore new heights in your sector

Innovation in Belgium is a huge dynamics as shown by the OECD data which ranks Belgium 8th in the world in terms of gross domestic expenditure on R&D.


The continuous growth of this expenditure in the last few years is related to the attractive tax regime for R&D activities.


Despite this, small and medium-sized enterprises are less supported in terms of R&D subsidies, even though they represent the greatest potential for growth, as the European Commission reminds us.


By covering R&D investments and income from patent exploitation, the Belgian tax incentives for research and development offer a cross-sectional valuation of R&D activity in which every sector of economic activity can find its place. Hatchiv Consulting focuses on the following sectors:




If you wish to assess the extent to which your company has projects or plans to launch an innovation project in one of these sectors, contact us.


Hatchiv Consulting will help you to obtain the subsidies that are rightfully due to all organisations that innovate to design a technological, social and ecological future that makes sense.

Environmental services

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Engineering & IT

Environmental Scientist


Social sciences

Engineer Working on Machinery
Social Distance
Wind Turbines on Water
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