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Developed with passion

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Our Story

Passionate for many years about progress, collective achievements and evolution, our team has had the chance to contribute to these subjects through our experience in business consulting, particularly in the field of innovation financing.

Our experience in this field with companies of all sizes has allowed us to learn about good practices but also to see the benefits and limits of these measures.

With Hatchiv, whose name comes from the contraction of the terms "Hatch" and "Innovation", we offer full access to the various existing subsidies through a tailored made approach based on the following principles: responsibility, proximity, agility.

Our aim is to get these developing companies to reconsider the importance of innovation in their growth strategy and to contribute to the progress of our industries in a context of intensifying international competition.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building on the new.“ - Socrates

Why Hatchiv?



No cure no pay model

Free consultation

Competitive success fees



Choose an experienced team working together on your projects and avoid turnover and time lost.



Access to the full range of subsidies and optimization solutions adapted to your situation.


Integrity and security are our essentials and drive our decisions and advices. Secure your innovation perimeter.




Continuous research on your industry and optimization solution leading to the proactive advices.



Tailor made approach for companies in development, adapted to your activities and objectives.

Our Team

Yann Siou




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Raphaël Castermans




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